Experimenting With Miracles

Today I decided to write about things I’ve been talking (my friends will say ‘preaching’) about for a long time. In fact today I talked for 93 minutes, very passionately about things that I have come to believe over the past few years of my life. My friends must have heard my words till their ears bled and they are probably up to their noses with my advice and positive self-help suggestions. Sorry for loving you guys to death! And you are welcome!

Today I have decided to unleash myself onto the world at large. Maybe it will be a good thing after all. Who knows? So let me start at the very beginning when things weren’t going right for me and I felt like a victim of circumstances. I blamed everyone and everything including myself. Things got worse and I turned to the one thing most of us turn to when things don’t go right. Not food. Not booze. God! My prayer was simple…please God let me be happy. That’s it. I just couldn’t take being unhappy. I had everything and I still felt blue and I just couldn’t put my finger on it. And then my parents (I have my issues with them but I will be eternally grateful for this one thing they did for me) suggested that I read the book called “The Secret”. And I did and what a revelation it was. I realized the power of the law of attraction. Taking responsibilty for your life and what appears in it. Positive thinking. Suddenly my life made sense or the mess that I called life made sense. I got to work, fixing my life. And I started sharing my successes with everyone I knew. Kinda forced it down their throats if you will! Do this, do that…be this be that! It took a while for the fact to sink in that I was responsible for my life alone and not everyone elses! I still can get annoyingly preachy or be a know-it-all but my friends know I mean well.

Let me share one of the first successes we had with the law of attraction. I used one side of my refrigerator as my vision board and I encouraged my kids and husband to add pictures to it. Pictures of things they wanted. So my son added the picture of a red car (the kind you can sit in and push yourself along) and my daughter tore out a picture of a beautiful red dress with little stars on it and a star button from a catalog. A few weeks later we were shopping at Kohls and the exact same dress was on sale and I bought it. The catalog from which she tore the picture was not a Kohls catalog if you are thinking bah! coincidence. We still have that dress which we call the secret dress! It no longer fits her but is a reminder that magic can work in your life if you open up to it.

The car came a few days later. And so did all the things I put on the vision board. Some much later when we were least expecting them. I had put up a picture of Disney because I wanted to vacation there. But we ended up moving from Boston to Florida. Maybe because I hated the cold and also I had been pestering my husband for years to work from his company’s office located in Florida. So guess what? His company asked him to move. And with the move came the bunk bed the kids had on the vision board and the flat screen TV that my husband wanted. And of course multiple trips to Disney. Again my friends never heard the end of it!

Seeing how successful I was with it made me apply it to other areas of my life. Like my fear of driving which along with a bunch of other factors had prevented me from obtaining a license. But then it didn’t work and I knew I was doing something wrong. If it worked for want A and want B why not want C? It didn’t make sense. I was upset and again went running to God. Somehow God sends me a book everytime I’m in trouble. Self-help books are my BFFs now. So these days I just run straight to the library and stand in front of the self help section and ask which book will help me right now. Back then it was ‘You Can Heal Your Life’. Quick summary of the book – you can’t get what you want if you are holding on to your past, if you are unforgiving, have self-hatred etc. And I said I don’t hate myself. The book said look in the mirror and look into your eyes and say I love you. If you feel a tightness or resistance then you don’t love yourself. Another revelation. I didn’t love myself as much as I thought I did. I did all the exercises the book suggested and when I really felt ready to receive the gift of a drivers license I took the test and I passed. Of course God sent an angel to be my instructor. Teresa didn’t take me seriously at all and joked and poked fun at me till I relaxed my death hold on the steering wheel and drove faster than grandma!

Man it felt good to have a license! I finally felt powerful and in control of my destiny. And I should have been happy with that. But my ego wanted something bigger. And this time it was a long time regret that I was still holding on to. Don’t get me wrong! I love my children and I loved being there for them when they were babies. watching them go to school, following them to school because I missed them so much ( I volunteer in both their classrooms). But I missed working, being financially independent. Partly because of my grandmother who worked right until her last day – bless her soul! And partly because I felt I had so much to give. And another struggle ensued, which I will relate to you in my next rant!

So I invite you to join me on this journey of living and loving your life and being the best you can possibly be. Try the things I have mentioned in your own life. Read the books. Apply the principles to your own life. I truly believe you will receive everything you ask for, if it is for your highest good. And I wish you success always…bye until next time…Do share your experiences with miracles in your own life. We can all learn from each other. We are all teachers and we are all students…

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