Collective Consciousness

I was at a basketball game in February this year. Orlando Magic vs Atlanta Hawks. To get to the part I want to talk about I have to cut to the fourth quarter of the game (sorry guys!) Magic was trailing by two points. The Amway Center was full of Magic fans and they really wanted them to win. I was one of them. We rose in unison, chanting at a feverish pitch, the energy filling the stadium, pushing the players and the ball to do their bidding. A two-pointer! The crowd went wild. The clock was ticking. Just seconds to go before the end of the fourth quarter. Atlanta scores. The crowd roared and we continued to chant in unison – one voice, one soul, one vision! Magic scored again and the timer beeped indicating the end of the fourth quarter. I’m standing, my hands raised, screaming ecstatically. Even my usually reticent husband is screaming, thumping my kids and giving high fives. What just happened? Ever been to a concert or game? Then you would know that the fans exude so much energy that the air is electric and charged. So much so that spontaneous combustion is possible! To me the collective energy was palpable.  Almost like a force driving the players to tie the game. If the game had resumed immediately, the energy that hung around the room would have propelled Magic to win. But as the seconds slipped by and the game went into 5 minutes of overtime, I could sense the energy dissipating, people disengaging from the whole, the collective if you will.

The game resumed but the energy had shifted, the audience had lost it’s one-pointed focus and I could taste the disappointment, feel it in the air. Atlanta scored. Orlando missed twice and the timer went off. Magic lost and I knew they would even before it happened.

The mind when applied properly is a very powerful device. So several minds working together on a common goal are unstoppable. If only the people in the basketball stadium knew that. Enough of them. Just to tip the scales to obtain a win for Magic. Imagine what we can do right here, right now. Why work alone when you can improve your chances of success by working together. Many of us want the same things – a job, a partner, inner peace, money – may be not in that exact same order. But if a buddy can help you stick to an exercise routine, he/she sure can partner with you to get something you both want. So why not make the journey together, why not help each other along the way. Why go alone, get disappointed and give up just when the goal is within your reach. There is so much we can change just by working together. In our lives, in the lives of several people we haven’t even met and even life here on earth. So get cracking and get involved. No more standing in the bylines. Come on out to the forefront and focus your collective energy for the highest good of all. Find something worthy of your attention.

How will you (and your buddies) apply the power of collective consciousness today? Please share below…

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