Global Consciousness is For Real!

I wrote about collective consciousness a year ago, right after a basketball game (See I could sense how the fans’ energy was making the players score and almost tie the game. When PBS aired a show this week about measuring coherance or in other words the collective energy emanating from the Boston Red Sox fans at Fenway Park, it blew my mind. For all you people out there who don’t believe in such a thing as thought energy this is all the proof you need. Scientific proof. A small group of people have been measuring global consciousness by using random number generators all over the world and have been analysing and recording the results.

It is not my intention to go into the details of this global consciousness project. You can learn more on the Internet. But it is my intention to show you that the time has come for you to actually regard every thought as an energetic entity that is powerful enough to change the outcome of any situation in your life. Or powerful enough to create any desired outcome in your life. It may not be easy for many of us to do this but with patience and practice you can work your own miracles as I have.

If you work better with a team then know this – many people sending out the same thought frequency have greater power to control the outcome. That is the reason prayer groups really work miracles. Every time my grandma went to the hospital with a serious malady I used to send a prayer request to the Reiki Center and every time she came out of the hospital perfectly fine. I still send prayer requests on behalf of my friends and I’ve seen it work time and again. Praying together as a family or simply sitting together and stating your intentions with a good intention is also very powerful. Trying to get my 8-year-old and 10-year-old to sit still is quite challenging but we are getting there!

The technique can be applied at work and even sports teams greatly increase their chances of winning when every player is resonating at a winning frequency. Here is the funny thing, if enough of them are on a winning frequency the rest of the team automatically picks up that frequency! It’s like that physics experiment with the tuning forks or pendulums. After a few rounds all the forks are vibrating at the same frequency or all the pendulums are in sync.

There is also such a thing as power places. Places that soak up all the energy of several centuries of prayer, rituals and healing vibes so much so that just going there can work miracles for you. We feel it in a small way whenever we enter a place of worship. We feel intense peace and come back with a good feeling that lingers for a long time. Imagine an energy 10,000 times stronger – now that can really change your life!

Energy is a palpable force that is changing our physiology every minute without us even knowing it. It is changing our reality and what we create in our lives. Today, I see a world where people are not happy with what they have created and are coming together to pool their energy to create a better world. Better energy, better world. It’s that simple.

Remember, it all starts as a tiny thought inside you head which then creates thoughts in the same frequency as that first thought. Before you know it your thoughts are crowding your brain, changing your physiology and your emotions and creating every second of your day. So what will you think today? Make it a happy thought!


8 thoughts on “Global Consciousness is For Real!

  1. Norman Vincent Peale had some great books on the power of positive thinking. Your article reminds me of his work.

  2. It’s true, everything in this world started with a thought. What we are today is the result of our thoughts. Jane Roberts speaks about it in her book called, “Seth Speaks” and Rhonda Byrnes refers to it in her books “The Secret” and “The Magic.”

    I try to think happy thoughts every day.

    1. Thanks for stopping by Darlene. “The Secret” was the book that changed the way I looked at thoughts and I really started taking them seriously. You are more than what you say and do because you become what you think! Rock on with your positive thoughts.

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