Divine Protection is Yours

I had to write this with all the fear mongering going on in the world. An older version of me would have lapped it all up and doled it out by the bushels.  I know fear like a bosom buddy that back-stabbed me and left me hanging off a cliff for years. So I went to the other extreme. Call me crazy if you like but I’d rather believe I have angels around me, saints hovering over me and God protecting me with a shield of armor than get paralyzed with fear. And I’m glad to report that it works!

I remember seeing this short video on television a long time ago and it really impacted me. It goes like this. A girl lives on the edge of a forest with her grandmother. To get to her school, she has to walk through the jungle. The jungle is a scary place where she sees poisonous snakes and senses wild animals lurking in the bushes. The poor girl is so scared that she tells her grandmother that she would not go to school. Her grandmother tells her not to be afraid and to call on her brother Ram. The girl is confused because  she is quite certain that she is the only child. Her grandma however, insists that she has a brother who lives in the jungle. So the next day the girl goes into the jungle and calls out to her brother in full faith.

Sure enough a young boy slightly older than her appears, holds her hand and walks her to school. Now, the teacher comes to know about this and wants to meet her brother. The girl goes to the jungle with her entire class and calls her brother but he doesn’t show up. The girl bursts into tears when the teacher berates her in front of all the kids and calls her a liar. Her brother Ram then appears before the whole class to convince them that the girl did receive divine protection.

Ok that’s just a story you might say. But I have read accounts of people in dangerous situations being protected by something I can only call divine. Peace Pilgrim for instance, was a woman walking all alone, along the length and breadth of America, spreading her message of peace. She did not fear strangers and used to sleep under the stars without any apprehension. In her autobiography she mentions this truck driver who approached her as she was walking on the highway. He offered his truck as a place to tuck in for the night. She gratefully accepted his invitation, even though he was a complete stranger. She then got comfortable inside the truck and fell asleep. Now the truck driver had less than honorable intentions. When she woke up in the morning, he was staring at her in awe. He then told her that every time he approached her with the intent of harming her, some unseen force stopped him. He was visibly shaken by the whole experience and apologized to her. Peace Pilgrim had unwavering faith in God’s love and protection at all times. She also believed that it was available to everyone.

I know I’ve talked about my fear of driving before so I won’t go into it now. Suffice to say that I went from being drowned with images of dying in a car crash to calling all the angels and Gods to protect me as I drive. Speaking of car crashes, I’ve heard some miraculous stories. The car would be smashed beyond recognition or redemption and the people inside would just walk out without a scratch. How can you explain this? Divine protection and your guardian angels embracing you? I think so!

You hear all sorts of horrid things in the news and sometimes you wonder if you can ever be safe again. After the Sandy Hook tragedy I dreaded sending my kids to school. I knew I would sit at home and go insane with worry. They had a cop stationed near the main entrance to the school for a few weeks. Then the cop was gone. I just imagine all of heaven right there by the front door of every school, protecting my children, your children, the children of the world. I do wish you would join me in kicking fear out of your life and embracing divine protection – for it is your birth right!

10 thoughts on “Divine Protection is Yours

  1. Like you, I do wish there was less fear and more peace. Alas there isn’t. I agree that there are unseen protectors for the gentle spirits out there. So count me in as one of the soldiers to fight against fear. 🙂

    1. Susan, the more we turn to the light, the more we bring that light into this world. I believe that one day peace will be the dominant state on earth. Until then keep shining your light!

  2. Thank you for this most enlightening post. Yes, as a believer, I know for a fact, that Angels are sent by God to minister to you. You have to be in total control of your faith, and truly believe. I have seen evidence of Gods protection around my family, and yours truly. Blessings.

  3. I recall two real life experiences which I did not share even with an enlightened daughter like you. Your reference to the story in your blog: Ram appearing only for the sister, stirred my memory. This was before I was married and you were born.

    I lived in Shivaji Park, Mumbai and had to cross a road overbridge over railway lines to reach Dadar where I could catch my bus to work. Everyday, as I neared a pedestrian crossing, the WALK (green) sign would come on, stopping oncoming traffic. At first I thought this was because I went at a regular time daily to office. Then I noticed on Sundays when I could take buses to other locations from near home, I would be on a southbound bus and it would stop at the place where I crossed because the WALK sign was green. So the WALK sign alone would go green irrespective of whether I was walking, or motoring down the road!

    For the 18 months I lived there only twice it did not work – when I invited my cousin, a doctor, to witness the ‘miracle.

    After moving to the suburbs the ‘traffic signal’ was replaced by a temple bell; It was audible from 1 km away with hills on one side and plains on the other (not many buildings); the bell always used to toll when I was 100 metres away

  4. Reminds me too of an incident when I used to attend coaching classes from 6 to 8 pm in T Nagar driving my kinetic honda all the way from Kilpauk (immediately after I had got my license in my 1 year of college). My Dad wouldnt trust me one iota driving at night on my own and insisted on coming along all the way on pillion wherein he would always be chanting his shlokas all the way enthusiastically (which at the time I used to believe like children would do when taken out on a drive!) . I used to be mighty irritated (given my age and new found confidence!) that all other kids (future MBAs) would be coming on their own and I like a baby had my dad tagging along everyday! It so happenned that one day Dad had some urgent business to attend to and was forced to let me go on my own. I took the good news with a lot of excitement and promised to drive slowly and be careful! On the way back home from T Nagar as I neared the signal to Valluvar Kottam, I had slowed down to about 15 kmph or so when suddenly my vehicle skidded on some oil (?) on the road didnt figure out till today what it had been that made me fall without any prompting and I was badly bruised, more so my ego which made me realize that there was some wisdom in what Dad had done..and as helpful people crowded around and helped me brush myself up and get back on the bike, I realized that though it was nothing serious Dad’s positive aura created with his firm belief and his sholkas had created a bubble of protection around me which probably lasted all the way till I reached my class and on my return without it I probably got vulnerable to some negative force that pushed me off the bike!
    To this day I find when my mother in law who is similar to my Dad in all respects and does hour long prayers like him and my Dad are pretty strong positive influences or protective influences wherever they go and when they are around , I find we seldom fall in harm’s way!

    1. Thanks for sharing Ranjani! You used the word bubble of protection and that is exactly how it works. You can visualize it or simply ask God for protection like your Dad and MIL do 🙂

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