The Winds of Change…


The winds of change blow hard

Rattling my windows

Shaking every tree in my yard

I shirk under the covers

Frightened and sick.


I try to shut out the howling storm

But it will not be ignored

One by one the windows shatter

And my blanket of safety gets whipped up in the breeze

I hug and hold onto it for dear life

But the wind, it takes no prisoners

The blanket is ripped clean out of my trembling hands.


I shut my eyes and bury my face in my knees

Afraid of what is to come next

A minute turns into an hour

As I sit there waiting for the worst

My hammering heart shuts out the calm

That has descended all around me.


I dare to open my eyes and peek

At the place I once called home

It was all but a mangled heap

Of concrete and stone

And yet there I was amidst the shambles

Alive and well albeit a little shaken.


I picked myself up and shed a tear

For the past that was gone

I looked up at the gaping hole where my roof used to sit

And at the clouds that were clearing

Far away in the shadow of the sun a rainbow was forming

Awakening in me hope for the future

A future built from scratch

A future with no glass windows or roofs

Open and free for the winds of change to blow through


6 thoughts on “The Winds of Change…

  1. Read your write-up on “singularity”in today’s Indian express. Could relate to it easily and felt an instant connection.
    I have been thinking as to how could or should one define and treat ‘life’? Look forward to your thoughts/views/opinion on the same.

    1. Thank you Mala. Life should be defined by one’s own standards and not by the dictates of society or the need to conform. When we stop listening to and answering the inner call we get caught up in the drama of the world and end up being unhappy. The one thing every one strives for is to be happy and that can be achieved only by honoring one’s own needs and by using one’s own talents. Trying to please others or going with the herd only gets you so far. Again this is my take on life. What’s yours?

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