100th Post – A Time For Celebration and Gratitude

A few weeks ago as I was writing the 93rd post, it hit me that sometime soon I would be writing and posting my 100th post. I wasn’t really counting my posts until then so it came as a bit of a surprise to me. Not the fact that 100 naturally follows 98 and 99 but the fact that I had actually written that many posts. Underneath all my keep-it-positive and the-glass-is-half-full attitude is a pessimist. When I started blogging I was pretty sure I’d run out of ideas one day, lose my enthusiasm, go into clinical depression or find a job that left me no time for blogging. And I was true.

There were times when I couldn’t milk one idea out of my grey cells, I almost stopped blogging, I wrote mediocre blogs, I found a job and got really busy and I was mildly depressed for most of last year! But what I never imagined was that through all the vagaries of life my blog would be the constant. It was the one thing I refused to give up. But let me not mislead you into thinking that I did it alone. No! I owe it to each and every one of you reading this. You were my safety net, every time I fell you urged me to get up, to write, to believe in something bigger than myself. When things were not so rosy, your kind words, your encouragement, even your silent anticipation egged me on. You are not a bunch of sycophants but a very smart and discerning group of readers. You did not mince words when you mailed me about posts that had clashing tenses or when you told me that my lack of enthusiasm was seeping into my posts.

So for my 100th post a hundred and one thanks to each and everyone who read, commented, promoted, shared and reposted my blogs. As you know my blogs are published on the Unboxed Writers website now and then. Sometime this year the founder of Unboxed Writers became the features editor of The New Indian Express. The very newspaper company where I did my internship one summer while pursuing my Masters in Communication. She published some of my blogs in the Indian Express. It was the sweetest taste of success to me as a writer. As a young student I dreamed of being published in that very same newspaper. So thank you R for making my dream come true.

Now for some interesting facts about my blog. The first post I ever published was a note on Facebook. It was called “Experimenting with Miracles”. I went on to publish several other notes before I actually started the punctuate life blog.

Blog with the most comments: 22 comments on two blogs – “Living Fearlessly” and “Yo-yo Feminism and the Unsung Glories of a Die-hard Housewife”.

Most controversial blog: “Can We All Get Along?”  My reaction to the George Zimmerman verdict.

Blog for a contest: “Children of a Lesser God?” for the Indus Ladies International Women’s Day Contest.

First guest blog: “My First Volunteering Event at Dream a Dream (by Dinesh Damodaran)”

Number of subscribers: 34

Number of likes on the Punctuate Life Facebook page: 46

I’ll leave you with a quote by Anna Deavere Smith – “Remember your gift. Be grateful for your gift and treat it like a gift. Cherish it, take care of it and pass it on. ” My blog and all of you are my gifts and I cherish you.

Thank you for being part of my blog and my life. Here is to another 1oo blogs that remind you to Pause, Breathe and Relax because we are all in this together and we are all going to thrive. Infinite love and gratitude to you all.



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