Thankful for the Weirdest Things

This is not my regular Thanksgiving post, giving thanks for all my blessings, blah, blah, blah. The brainwave for this post came about when I was washing dishes – anyone who knows me knows how much I hate doing dishes. As I sunk my fingers into the dishwashing detergent (because the dish rag was dirty), my mind sped to the conversation I had with my friend earlier. She told me she was allergic to dishwashing soap and couldn’t wash dishes. The maid did not turn up and her kitchen was filled with dirty dishes.

My heart went out to my friend. I knew what that was like. My maid has not been coming since the beginning of the month. I have been doing most of the dishes and my mother-in-law has been helping. Every day I would secretly wish that the dish I was washing will be the last one to be soaped by my hands. So BAM! Right on Thanksgiving Day the Universe gave me a reason to be thankful for the very thing I hate.

I sighed and felt the detergent on my fingers as I slowly scrubbed the coffee mug. A wave of gratitude washed over me because I could wash dishes! How weird you say? Someone who hates doing the dishes is being grateful for the ability to do it. Life is weird that way. It teaches you lessons exactly when you need them.

I was telling my kids about this new found love for washing dishes and asked them what they were thankful for and my daughter said almost immediately – I am thankful that I don’t have peanut allergies or I couldn’t have peanut butter which is the most awesome thing in the world!

So what weird things are you grateful for. Share it with me and I will include it in my next blog or add it to this blog (depending on the response). Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

6 thoughts on “Thankful for the Weirdest Things

  1. Interesting that I do the same thing sometimes. During moments when I may find myself grumbling about some mundane task, I take a moment to remind myself how lucky I am to have the ability to be able to do it… some people don’t. Take time to be thankful for even the tiniest of things.

    1. Yes Susan. I realize how important it is to be thankful for every little thing, even the things we take for granted like hot water to shower, electricity, technology etc. Even more so as I write this and we haven’t had power for the past 24 hours, no internet for 2 days and no cellphone coverage! Thankfully, we have everything we need now.

  2. I am thankful that I have friends like you who care; I have daughters who love and care, my partner who respect,love,care and share and above all the Almighty who leads me in every walk of life.

    1. Gratitude is the highway to a better life. No matter how bad things are, if we can be thankful even for the smallest things, great rewards await us. Using gratitude consciously everyday is a powerful way to attract divine grace and abundance. So continue practicing gratitude every day Hema, I promise you all that you dreamed of will show up at your doorstep.

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