30 Days of Gratitude (2019)

I’ve been doing this for three years now and feel like gratitude is one of the best practices you can incorporate in your life. And not just say the words but feel it deeply in your heart. Here’s what I am thankful for this year.

Day 1
I am thankful for being alive. Several incidents over the past few months have reminded me to not take a single breath for granted.

Day 2
So so thankful for my dad and infinitely grateful that he could visit me after all these years. Had him all to myself for a whole month. Love you Papa and here’s to spending more time together. Blessed to have a wonderful dad like you.

Day 3
I am thankful for my mom who has worked hard all her life juggling teaching and prepping meals for us, supporting us, and always praying for our highest good. We may not always have the same taste or agree on things but I still love you.

Day 4
Today I’m grateful for energy healing. It’s something I learned when I was 16 but it has definitely shaped my life over the past few decades. Thank you God for healing me and others and for helping me be an instrument of your healing. Humbled by all the experiences I have had and for all of you who have trusted me to help you in your healing journey.

Day 5
Thank you for the music and the songs I’m singing and thanks for all the joy it’s bringing. Love that song by Abba! The power of good music is underrated. It can lift the cloud of sorrow and transport you to realms of bliss. Thankful for the ability to enjoy music from different genres and to be moved by it to tears sometimes.

Day 6
Today I am thankful for my beautiful aunt, Sridevi Chitta. She has survived several storms in her life and hasn’t let it dampen her spirits. She always finds a reason to smile and when we all get together we end up giggling endlessly. Thank you Chitta for being you and for showing me how to be a strong and independent woman. Love you.

Day 7
I’m thankful for my Valliamma, Raji Nair who has been like a second mother to me. Always there, always caring, and always praying for all the kids and grand kids. A talented tailor, she has made so many lovely outfits for my daughter and me. Thank you for always believing in my healing abilities and for being so receptive to it. Love you lots.

Day 8
Thankful for my aunt/chitta, Uma Singh for her sweet, generous nature and her ability to be soft yet strong, firm yet loving, and for always indulging me when I was a child. Love you Chitta and so grateful for you.

Day 9
Today I’m thankful for my brother Dinesh Damodran. Annoying as we may be to each other we’ve always got each others backs. Thankful he could visit me in July. Cherish the memories we made together. Also made me realize life is too short and we need to cherish our loved ones. I love you Dini but no bhindi fry for you next time.

Day 10
I am grateful for the kindness of Mike Kodumudi, my Dad’s friend from his MCC days and his friend Kannan Kutty, Vijaya, and Jay when we were visiting DC. We hadn’t met them before but they opened their homes and hearts to us and made sure we were well fed and well taken care of. Got treated like VIPs. Thank you so much for your hospitality. Cannot express my gratitude in words. God bless all of you!

Day 11
Thankful for you Dadima. I know you help me and guide me in mysterious ways. Thank you for your undying love for me that has no beginning and no end. Blessed to have known you and loved you. Miss you and will always love you.

Day 12
Today I am thankful for my dear Dr. Chacko who yanked me from the jaws of death and revived my lifeless body and who was my pediatrician for several years. And for being the sweet, caring, loving human being you always were. I love you and miss you. But I’m sure you are shining your light from up above.

Day 13
Thankful for Ganga who is like a second grandmother to me. Who took care of me for years and cooked delicious meals, packed lunches, and waited at the gate for me on days that I showed up late. Thank you for all the love you showered on me. Love you. God bless you and keep you strong.

Day 14
Happy Children’s Day for everyone celebrating in India. I am thankful for my children, Anjali and Nitin. You taught me what it is to love unconditionally, especially now that you are teenagers! But I know you are figuring out your way as you grow into the incredible human beings you are destined to be. Remember to be kind and loving and to build relationships. Everything else is fluff. Love you my babies. God bless you always!

Day 15
Thankful for my brother Rohit. He is my little brother but has always been so protective of me. I remember the fun times we had together in Vaikkom and also in Chennai. I wish we lived closer and could just laugh and laugh at totally nonsensical things all day long. Love you Rohit and wish you the very best always.

Day 16
Family is not just the one you are born into. Today I am thankful for my soul sister, Namami, who has been by my side through some rough times, praying for me and consoling me when I needed it the most. You are one in a million and I’m blessed to have you in my life. Thank you for coming down and spending time with me earlier this year. Love you and wish you the very best always! Here’s to spending more time with you.

Day 17
Today I’m thankful for all the challenging people in my life who have tried to dim my light. If it were not for your concerted efforts I would not be here doing what I am doing with renewed vigor. Like the phoenix I will rise from the ashes. You messed with the wrong girl. I release you and hope you find peace.

Day 18
Today I’m thankful for my friends from school, college, work and Facebook who have been there for me and cheered me on, prayed for me when I didn’t know who to turn to, and liked, shared posts, and loved me in innumerable ways. Thank you and I love you all.

Day 19
I am thankful for finally being connected to fellow healers who get me and where I am coming from and give freely of their advice and healing especially when I most need it. It feels good to be connected with other givers…finally! Thank you for all that you do.

Day 20
I am thankful for financial security and abundance that allows me to give freely of my time, energy, and healing. I am supported in all ways by the universe and for that I am infinitely grateful.

Day 21
Thankful for a safe sacred space that is nurturing and healing surrounded by high-vibe people and soul family. And so it is.

Day 22
Thankful for the gift of sensitivity and the ability to feel so deeply and completely every emotion. It’s a beautiful thing.

Day 23
I’m thankful for good health, without which one cannot enjoy any of the other blessings in life. And I’m thankful for the knowledge that my body can heal itself. Now if I can just get everyone else to believe that!

Day 24
Thank you for the gift of writing and the healing it brings to me and others. It is truly a blessing to be able to share it with the world and for that I am infinitely grateful! Thank you to all my beautiful readers and cheerleaders for your constant support and encouragement. Blessed beyond words to have you in my life!

Day 25
Thank you for my new and wonderful job that uses all my talents, is rewarding, engaging, and filled with supportive people who enjoy working with me.

Day 26
Thankful for crisp fall evenings, vivid sunsets, and multi-hued trees gearing up for winter. Thankful for the four seasons and the changes they bring.

Day 27
Today I’m grateful for my cousins. The ones I grew up with, had sleepovers and shared so much with. Thankful that I got to connect with two of them over the past year. Love you all and here’s to spending more time together.

Day 28
Thankful for the simple pleasures of life. Apple pie baking in the oven, cooking with my daughter and some good food on our table today. Infinitely blessed. Sending you all Thanksgiving blessings and love.

Day 29
Thankful for the blessings that are on their way to me. Blessed beyond words. Sending blessings to all of you. Stay grateful always!

Day 30
Thankful for pets that have over the years loved me unconditionally. The world and my life was better because of them.

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