Don’t Forget to Count Your Blessings

Count your many blessings, name them one by one. Count your many blessings, see what God has done… I remember singing this song in school and never really paying attention to the words and the powerful truth hidden in them. The power of gratitude was something alien to me, since I spent most of my life taking things for granted and whining about the things I didn’t have.

It’s easy to take things for granted, even things you really struggled to bring into your life (if you are not careful).  Just happened to me a few weeks ago. Remember it took me a long long time to get my driver’s license and how thankful I was for it? It has only been two years and I have shamelessly forgotten the time, effort and emotional trauma that went into getting one. It has been such a gift. A gift of independence. A gift of confidence. A gift of convenience. I get a taste of what it is like to not be able to drive every time I go to India. God am I thankful for my driving privileges!

Sometimes when I crib about all the work I have to do around the house, I forget all the work my husband does. Like paying the bills, keeping the cars (even the one I drive) in top condition, buying groceries and doing dishes when I’m sick or the kids are sick and I have my hands full. Thank you God for a loving and caring spouse who has got my back 24/7.

This week had me battling a sore throat and hacking cough. I do take my good health for granted and this was a reminder to take better care of myself. Thank you God for 51 weeks of good health and thank you for my wonderful neighbor who hastened to send hot rasam to soothe my throat and warm my heart.

I have been blogging for nearly a year now and I remember how happy and grateful I was for the blog. And I’ve also seen that feeling slowly fade away. It’s being replaced by a feeling of everyday mundaneness. And so it is with everything that you hold precious in your heart but don’t take the time to appreciate. So thank you God for my blog and all my readers who remind me of how human I am. It feels like I am surrounded by their love and support at all times. It is a feeling second to none and for that I am deeply grateful.

Before I put my pen down and head off to sleep (which I have no trouble with – Thank God!) I have to thank God for my beautiful children. They remind me of the importance of play and the simple joys of life. Their innocence and love keeps my heart alive and open. Thank you God for my children, my two bundles of joy. Thank you God for my wonderful friends who reach out to me when I most need them even if they are miles away. Thank you God for my family. Thank you God for the many blessings yet to come…I’m done and now it’s your turn to go. Count your blessings. Name them.

And once you count and name your blessings be sure to let all the people who are on that list know that you love them and are deeply grateful for them in your life. Silent gratitude serves no purpose. Shout it out from the mountain tops if you must…you sure will light up someone’s day!

May gratitude fill the hearts of all my readers and open your lives to many more miracles of love and grace – God bless everyone!

5 thoughts on “Don’t Forget to Count Your Blessings

  1. I never fail to be grateful for my own wonderful children and now 2 wonderful grand children. They alone make life worthwhile and surpass any pleasure wealth or material objects can give. Damayanti – my daughter makes me proud to be known as your papa.

    1. Thanks Papa..we miss all of you every Thanksgiving when everyone else is meeting family and spending quality time together…

  2. Beautiful as usual 🙂 This resonates totally with my thoughts and worldview.

    Am grateful for all the people and material and nonmaterial things in my life—just too many to list. Am grateful that tough times have shaped me into a better human being, without hardening my soul. Am grateful for the good times that I have had, am having, and will be having.

    Am grateful for the deep and pure and unconditional love that I experience from friends, online and otherwise, who have touched my heart and soul and whose sentiments I reciprocate. This blog has opened up a chance for me to voice my feelings.

    Am grateful that I understand, celebrate, and cherish the inherent creativity, generosity, kindness, gentelness, humanity, sensitivity in fellow human beings and in myself.

    Am grateful that I am earning and working my way towards financial abundance. Yes, that is right—I did say financial abundance, without which I would not be able to nurture myself and others …

    And the list goes on … shared laughter, shared smiles, shared humor, shared good times … my cup truly brimmeth over

    As I am single, fully realize how much emotional support from a loving and caring spouse means, how much children mean, how much home and hearth mean … Am grateful that I do have an appreciation for family life …

    For once I did not sit on my writing but am shooting straight from the gut. 

    1. Sounds really positive and good advice! Your ideas are great, I know you’ll write your book , you’ve got it in you- and it sounds intriguing! It’s one of those things you’re ment to do. Lots of luck, best wishesxAlexi

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