The New Age

It’s December and the New Age is upon us. I’m so excited to share this poem with you. I haven’t written verse in over a decade…so this is some breakthrough for me! This whole year has been filled with blessings and of course all of you readers.  I am so thankful for every one of you and do hope you stay with me through 2013. I wouldn’t be ‘here’ without you!

I can smell it in the air

The smell of change

And dissipation of fear

The Light breaking through the clouds

That have hung over us for far too long

I can feel the love

It fills me up and brims over

A promise and an answered prayer

As the dawn of a new age nears

I can hear the sound of silence

That still place inside us

Where we are one

Where we truly master kismet

I see many signs that validate it all

A million rainbows, feathers and clouds

Pennies strewn about for me to find

Reassuring dreams of every kind

And all that is asked of us is this

Be open, be loving, be kind

Live from that highest place in your heart

And all will be well with you and Mother Earth.


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