How to Balance Self-love and Helping Others

Recently I had a discussion about helping others with someone who thought I was helping others more than I was helping myself. "Take a break and focus on yourself," this person said. I know s/he was trying to be helpful but it somehow didn't sit well with it. Yes, I admit that I used to … Continue reading How to Balance Self-love and Helping Others

Hello From the Other Side and Other Signs of Afterlife

Ganga's gone. Physically gone. Her obituary appeared in the Manorama newspaper yesterday. So it must be true. I find it hard to believe, because I wasn't there when it happened. Chennai was in a lock down and Dad and I couldn't travel to Palakkad for her funeral. How cruel is this life that we couldn't … Continue reading Hello From the Other Side and Other Signs of Afterlife

My Gastronomic Adventure – Part 2

Now the U.S. is a culinary jungle all by itself and living here for more than a decade has greatly influenced my cooking. As a young bride I focused on making everyday Indian food which was easy, given that I used to help my mom a lot in the kitchen and knew most of the basic … Continue reading My Gastronomic Adventure – Part 2

A Heart Full of Gratitude

It is with utmost joy that I write (and now type) this post. A long awaited dream of mine has come true. Roll back to the second post I wrote (The Work Saga - and you'll know what I'm talking about. I got a job! A real job! One that pays! It's been less than a … Continue reading A Heart Full of Gratitude