I Still Love You

Where can I find love?

While sitting indoors,

Behind closed doors,

Staring at a screen,

And everything that happens in between.

The stolen glances,

At a foggy mirror,

The disheveled hair,

And stained pajamas,

Pasty sallow cheeks,

And sunken eyes.

Who can love this?

With a heavy heart,

I fall to my knees,

Hot tears streaming down my cheeks.

“I still love you,”

Says a tiny voice.

It gets louder and louder,

“I STILL LOVE YOU,” it insists,

As I sob and wail on the bathroom floor.

“Love will find you while you sit indoors,

Behind closed doors,

Staring at a screen.

It will smooth the disheveled hair,

Embrace the stained pajamas,

Kiss those pasty sallow cheeks,

And gaze into those sunken eyes,

And as a tear comes tumbling down your cheek,

It will whisper “I STILL love you.”

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