Ticking off Items on My List

Right after the car accident in the summer of 2019, I remember penning a blog post. My priorities had changed after a terribly close brush with death. I wanted to (a) publish my book, (b) devote more time doing Reiki, and (c) I’ll get to that in a bit. This month, I crossed off (a) and (b) from my to-do list.

My book “Thank You, Dadima” is finally published and available in India and most places around the world. I’m on track to completing my Reiki Teacher Training by the end of this month. When I wrote that blog post two years ago, I had no idea that I would end up teaching Reiki to people. But a year and a half of healing and helping people through Reiki brought me to this place. And I am incredible grateful that I was chosen by the Divine to fulfil this purpose. The journey hasn’t been easy, but it has been infinitely rewarding so far.

The last wish on my list was to be with people who love me and bring me joy. The year I spent in India was just that. I met so many beautiful people—some for the very first time and some after years. The time I spent with my parents was so healing and invigorating. The time I spent in Trivandrum with my uncle and aunt is unforgettable, as is the time I spent with Uncle V in Rajapalayam.

It dawned on me that I already had so many people in my life who loved me unconditionally. I just didn’t see it because I was so fixated on the wrong people in my life. It also changed the way I relate to my children. Unconditional and non-judgemental love is the only thing your children need. When I stopped expecting them to behave a certain way, then I was free to love them just the way they are.

I’ll be honest with you. My teenage years were a train wreck, and my parents, my brothers, Dadima, Ganga, and my extended family were there for me. They still believe that I’m the angel who can do no bad and are super proud of me. Don’t get me wrong. If I do or say something rotten, they will point it out to me, but they won’t hold it against me for the rest of my life. They understand that kids and adults alike mess up. And that’s okay. We all need to support each other through life’s adversities.

So many people showed up for my book launch and I was pleasantly surprised. Not just my friends and family but also people who loved and respected my grandma. Twelve years after she was gone, people still remembered her and were eager to read her book. What started as a blog post and an idea in my head is now something you can flip or scroll through to get a glimpse of my beautiful Dadima’s life.

If you would like to order my book, please visit Amazon.com, Amazon.in, or Flipkart. If you do end up reading it, please leave me a review.

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