Biting the Hand that Feeds You

Sometimes men are unaware that they are being supported by a branch and unwittingly saw away at the very branch that is holding them up above the roaring river below that could swallow and drag them like a rag doll for miles afar.

You probably know someone like that. People who are so full of themselves that they don’t realize nothing stands on its own accord. An intricate web of life and support systems keeps everything functioning. Those who consider themselves “solo artists” in the game of life often belittle the contribution of others around them who carried them through life’s many trials and tribulations. They constantly cut down these “support branches” and refuse to acknowledge their silent strength.

When the branch breaks, they will come tumbling down and it will be too late. The tree will still stand tall and the remnants of the branch will survive and perhaps burst forth with new branches, once the weight of an ungrateful soul is shed for good.

Not because the tree wanted it but because the soul chose to.

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