30 Days of Gratitude

I haven’t been able to post anything for months. Landed a new job back in May and that has been taking up most of my time. Also, so many other life changes. Kid moving out of the nest to go to college. Another kid going back to school after a year and a half of online classes. I managed to squeeze in a Reiki teacher’s course over the summer and now my weekends are spent either teaching Reiki or attending Reiki shares. This time I got to spend Thanksgiving with my kids and in the US, so that’s a blessing. Here’s what I’m grateful for this year when so many things I’ve prayed for and wanted came true.

Day 1

Taught my first Reiki class yesterday and I’m still on a high. Thank you God for bringing this beautiful soul, Najeema, into my life in the most magical way. Blessed to be able to share the gift of energy healing with others.

Day 2

Thankful for my wonderful parents who have accepted me through the years. The crazy, moody, rebellious, spiritual, quirky, and sensitive me. No judgement. Just unconditional support and love. And for letting me be myself. Thank you Papa for promoting my writing every chance you get. Thank you Amma for nurtutring me with your love and care. Miss you both and hope you can come visit me soon.

Day 3

Grateful for a job that I love after almost 2 years of being unemployed or underemployed. Thankful for my lovely coworkers, Lauren and Elizabeth. Without you, working remotely wouldn’t be so much fun!

Day 4

Happy Diwali! I’m thankful for the presence of the divine in my life. For the countless blessings over the years. For saving me many times from harmful situations and people. For granting me my (in)significant wishes and for sending your angels both human and the other kind to watch over me and my family. Blessed to be the recipient of your Amazing Grace!

Day 5

Thankful for good health, now more than ever before. Without it you cannot enjoy any of the other gifts life has to offer. I urge everyone to incorporate healthy habits. The dividends are astronomically huge.

Day 6

Today I’m thankful for my grandmother and the infinite ways she has influenced me over the years. Thankful that I could finally publish her book this year so the world would know about this amazing Lady in White. Miss you Dadima. See you on the other side.

Day 7

Blessed to be the mom of two angels, Anjali and Nitin. So humbled to see how much you have grown and what an impact you make on everyone around you. As you both slowly leave mama’s nest and go out into the big big world, I pray that you fly high and make the world a better place with your unique gifts.

Day 8

So thankful for this goofball, Max. He’s a ball of energy and makes us laugh. Love that this doggo adores the kids and is super protective of them. Love you Max to the moon and back. Hope you have many healthy and playful years ahead of you.

Day 9

So grateful for sunshine and rain, for four seasons, for moonlight and stars, beaches and waves, tall evergreens and weeping willows, for wind and snow, sleet and hail, for rainbows and auroras, mountains and meadows. Reveling in the beauty and magnificence of Mother Nature and her unending gifts to me over the years.

Day 10

Grateful for the gift of writing and for the connections I’ve made over the years. For inspiration and muses galore. For stories that pop into my head from no where. Grateful for this blog and all of my readers. Without you I wouldn’t be a writer today!

Day 11

Thankful for technology that let’s me call dear friends and wish them on their birthday even though they are half way across the globe. For virtual meetings that allow me to collaborate and teach classes. I wouldn’t have imagined it was possible 2 decades ago.

Day 12

Thankful for my soul sister, Namami. You have been an inspiration, an avid supporter, cheerleader, and mentor. Love you to the moon and back.

Day 13

Happy birthday to my brother from the same mother. Read what I wrote about our trip together to Asheville. That was a fun trip. Wish you’ll plan another one soon. Wishing you happiness, good health, and laughter.

Day 14

Thankful for Rohit, my brother from another mother. Thank you for the laughs and the long conversations. Praying that you get to kickstart your career after so many delays that were completely out of your hands.

Day 15

Thankful for my dear Shoms who has been praying and checking on me as I navigate this year filled with challenges and unexpected events (and blessings). Blessed to have known you and Dr. Chacko just minutes after I was born. Eternally grateful and indebted to you and your family. May God always bless you abundantly and may you continue to be a blessing to all who know you and all the lives you touch with your kindness and love.

Day 16

Grateful for all the new friends I made over the past year. I love you all. You have enriched my life in so many different ways. Thank you Sharmistha, Anshulika, Radhika, Pulkit, Kate, and Sunita Chitta.

Day 17

Today I’m thankful for Sharma aunty and uncle for making my childhood extra sweet. I practically lived in their home and called their daughter my best friend (sister). Thank you for the aloo parathas and khichdi with thick dahi. For kadhi and aloo methi. For the endless cups of chai. For dance practices in your living room. For trips to Nilgiris and Annanagar with you. For sleepovers. But most of all, thank you for your love and generosity. I miss those days and miss you both. Rest in peace, uncle.

Day 18

Grateful for the lovely Reema. For believing in my gifts and for bringing so many wonderful people into my life in the past year. For nurturing me when I was a fledgling blogger. For trusting in my healing abilities and for simply being there for me and checking on me when I know you have so many things on your plate. Thank you for your genorosity and for all the lovely gifts you gave me. I’m enjoying them even today. Hope to see you again soon in the lovely place you manifested!

Day 19

Thankful for good health, especially this year after all we’ve been through collectively. Remember your body has the miraculous power to heal itself when you treat it well and provide it the right environment. It is believed that in ancient civilizations everyone knew how to heal their body, mind and soul. May we all tap into that wisdom as we evolve as human beings.

Day 20

Grateful for Kristen Kristich-Madjar and our Saturday sessions. We learn and grow and share as we each continue on our path as energy healers. You inspire me to be more curious and adventurous. Wishing you great success on your journey.

Day 21

Blessed to have had great teachers when I was in school, including the lovely Mrs. Mabel Erevelles. Over the years we kept in touch, she was an ardent follower of my writing. I have had many fascinating conversations with her. Her wit, humor, and kindness were unparalleled. She was always abreast of current events and politics and had an opinion about everything. I will miss our phone conversations and your sincere concern for all students who had the good fortune of learning English and Geography from you.

Day 22

On a cold, rainy day like this, I’m grateful for a warm and cozy home with heating. Back home in Chennai, the torrential rain and floods have left many without homes and power. Hope and pray the waters recede and everyone can find shelter.

Day 23

Thankful for my beautiful aunts, Valliamma, Uma Chitta, and Sridevi Chitta. All in their 60s and going strong. Wishing you all good health and happiness in the years to come. Miss you and hope to see you soon.

Day 24

Grateful for home-grown veggies and herbs. Tomatoes, mint, spinach, and curry leaves. Okra didn’t do well this year. But there’s always next year!

Day 25

Happy Thanksgiving. So happy and over the moon that I get to spend this Thanksgiving with my kiddos this year. Last year I was in Chennai with my parents and got to celebrate Diwali and other Indian holidays. Here’s to holidays spent with people we love, great food, and so many blessings to be thankful for. Envisioning a world where everyone is well-fed and loved.

Day 26

Thankful for each and every hour and minute of every day that I get to wake up and live my life. These days, time is a precious commodity…but you know what? You will always find time to do the things that really matter to you and that feed your soul!

Day 27

After a holiday that promotes overindulgence be it food or shopping, I just emerged from a deep stupor to post this. Thankful for good food and for Ganga, my mom, Sharma aunty, and my grandma for all the cooking and feeding over the years. So many of my memories are centered around food. Here’s to delicious food and the people who make it!

Day 28

Thankful for the freedom to live my life the way I want to. Only when your freedom is taken away from you do you know its worth. May all living beings know freedom in their lifetimes.

Day 29

Sending gratitude to blessings that are on their way. Opening up to the vision that the divine has for me, which is much bigger than the limited visions I have for myself.

Day 30

Thankful for so many amazing people and things that I can be grateful for. I can totally keep doing this for another month. It’s true…the more you are thankful for, the more you have to be thankful for. Thank you for taking the time to read my daily gratitude posts and for all the likes and love.

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