Coconut Flour Pancake Balls…A Recipe Disaster (Or Not)

I went downstairs at 10 in the morning to fix breakfast. There wasn't enough bread for the four of us so I decided to make pancakes. Not regular pancakes but healthy ones with coconut flour. I took a glass bowl and dumped half a packet of coconut flour. In order to avoid sugar I mashed … Continue reading Coconut Flour Pancake Balls…A Recipe Disaster (Or Not)

Who Stole my Childhood?

  Running carefree with naked feet, Reaching for mangoes up in the trees, Endless summer days of fun, Spent in the lap of the sun.   Hours spent in glee with friends both imaginary and real, Board games, hopscotch, badminton and dolls, Trips to the beach on moonlit nights, And ice cream treats to beat the heat. … Continue reading Who Stole my Childhood?