Haven’t I Been ‘Here’ Before?

My emotions surrounding our move to the Pacific North West were not entirely pleasant. It seemed like I had just about perfected my rhythm in life when this blaring move came along and threw me out of my poise. My blog was running along successfully. I had a part-time job that allowed me to balance … Continue reading Haven’t I Been ‘Here’ Before?

My Gastronomic Adventure – Part 2

Now the U.S. is a culinary jungle all by itself and living here for more than a decade has greatly influenced my cooking. As a young bride I focused on making everyday Indian food which was easy, given that I used to help my mom a lot in the kitchen and knew most of the basic … Continue reading My Gastronomic Adventure – Part 2

A Heart Full of Gratitude

It is with utmost joy that I write (and now type) this post. A long awaited dream of mine has come true. Roll back to the second post I wrote (The Work Saga -http://www.punctuatelife.com/2012/02/13/the-work-saga/) and you'll know what I'm talking about. I got a job! A real job! One that pays! It's been less than a … Continue reading A Heart Full of Gratitude

Yo-Yo Feminism and the Unsung Glories of a Die-Hard Housewife…

My mom had this plaque on the living room wall when I was a kid. It read... I'm just a little housewife With dishes three times a day With laundry and cleaning and cooking And toys to put away Now it's not that I mind the housework Or the screaming kids at play  It's that husband that burns … Continue reading Yo-Yo Feminism and the Unsung Glories of a Die-Hard Housewife…