Punctuate Life

Pause Breathe Relax

The Dilemma


Who am I?

I don’t seem to know anymore!

I wake up in the morning

And stare blankly at the door.

Trapped in a body wracked with limitation,

Every breath is an act of suffocation.

Am I the sum total of my successes,

Or the product of my failures?


Everything is a lie and illusion is rampant,

It is taken to be real and there lies the delusion.

The truth is hard to swallow,

The pain too much to bear,

This separation between body and soul,

As the body stumbles and the soul soars,

This I’m sure I did not ask for!


To be of this world and not to be,

To belong and not fit in,

To be torn between the dream and the awakening,

Is a dilemma that I dread facing.


Disconnected from the love of the source,

A whirlwind of activity and emotions I force,

I trip and fumble trying to find

Something that will satisfy this deep thirst in my soul.

What is it that seeks to be birthed?

A tiny voice inside me speaks,

Which I try to drown in the quagmire that is my mind.

Feebly it cries – Happiness lies in the ‘IS’,

In the ‘Now’

In the everlasting that is there forever more.


13 thoughts on “The Dilemma

  1. We all have issues but how we handle them makes us get through the day. Live in the moment. You can never get them back

  2. You have such a way about your prose. I try but Can never do what you do so well. I did enjoy this and love how you closed it with “forever more”

  3. Good poem. I often feel like this!

  4. Excellent use of repetition, and I love all of the harder consonant sounds you’ve used. It’s very appropriate to the mood you’re creating.

  5. The prose are beautiful and your word choice is excellent. The poem flows wonderfully as well. Thanks for sharing! Great use of quagmire.

  6. Beautiful poem. I believe each person feels the same intense emotions. Some can come to the same point at the end and some can not.

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