Being Grateful When You Don’t Feel Like It.

  It's hard to remember to be grateful when things are going well. Now being grateful when your whole life is falling apart? That's just impossible, right? And no my life is not falling apart, though I like to pretend it is every time the temperature drops below zero. Subzero temperatures here in Seattle have … Continue reading Being Grateful When You Don’t Feel Like It.

Unleash the Goddess Within

Whenever I think of Goddesses incarnating on earth I fondly remember my grandma. She was a powerful matriarch with an iron staff (or should I say sword?) She was fearless and stood up to most anyone - die-hard patriarchs included - who saw her as a hapless widow. She owned her power. She was kind, … Continue reading Unleash the Goddess Within

Haven’t I Been ‘Here’ Before?

My emotions surrounding our move to the Pacific North West were not entirely pleasant. It seemed like I had just about perfected my rhythm in life when this blaring move came along and threw me out of my poise. My blog was running along successfully. I had a part-time job that allowed me to balance … Continue reading Haven’t I Been ‘Here’ Before?

Dancing Between Two Worlds

Has it ever happened to you that you are having a conversation with someone and even though both of you were speaking the same language you couldn't really understand a word of what they were saying? Walls of cultural references, upbringing, experiences and age separate you. You could tell them what it was like to … Continue reading Dancing Between Two Worlds

My Involuntary Retirement Years…

When do normal people retire? Typically after their kids leave the nest and they have hit a certain age. For me retirement came at the ripe old age of 30! Yes 30! After being a full time mom for several years and spending every breathing moment with my toddlers, they suddenly left me for prospective … Continue reading My Involuntary Retirement Years…