You have the Universe and All its Treasures at Your Feet

We all grew up with a lack mentality. The illusion of not having enough. Even if you were well-off you had to face a world of inequality and injustice at every level. Poverty, illness, death and disease was the fate of the unfortunate or so you believed. Like the Gods didn’t favor them for some reason.

Of late I’ve come to believe that all the inequalities we see, all the injustices and blatant violation of human rights are all created by man. Grace, abundance, love and joy are freely available. It’s like the sun which shines on all, no matter if you’re rich or poor, saint or sinner, fat or skinny, healthy or diseased. God’s grace is shining on every soul at every moment. Then why is there suffering you ask? Because you have this thing called the mind that can play devil’s advocate from time to time. You filter the world through your mind, based on your past experiences.  After all, you don’t absorb much of the sun’s radiation if you sit indoors with the windows shuttered and the drapes drawn. If your mind shuts out the grace and healing that is available to you every moment, then who is to blame?

The mind is a tricky entity to deal with. I’m still irked by how it sneaks unwanted thoughts and beliefs into my psyche. One night I was up watching TV all by myself. A beautiful actress with long hair and perfect skin appeared and I mentally sighed. I’ve had issues with my stomach, skin and hair for sometime now. I’ve tried creams, shampoos and diets but nothing worked for me. This Hollywood beauty had top dermatologists and hair stylists at her beck and call. Poor me, what could I do? I’ll just have to suck it up and make peace with my not-so-perfect health!

I’ve had this limiting thought so many times but this time I realized how it was preventing me from finding solutions to my problems. I felt I needed to be someone else, somewhere else in order to be healed! It’s all there for me and everyone else who wants it. I was just pushing it away with my mind and its irrational thoughts. This reminded me of the clip-on mosquito repellent ad. It was like I had a giant bubble around me preventing me from soaking up all the healing, love and abundance I needed.

As a Reiki healer I have felt these bubbles or blocks energetically. Reiki is a healing technique that involves laying your hands on a person and requesting Reiki energy to flow through you from the cosmos to the person to facilitate healing. People who have a mental block or don’t trust that they can be healed don’t allow the energy to pass through them and in effect prevent their own good or healing from happening. Remember I said cosmos – the air around us is full of prana, chi or life force. You can tap into it right now even without being attuned to Reiki. Breathe it in and allow it to heal you. Stop the constant chatter of your mind and allow your highest good to unfold now. Yes now! You can be whole, perfect and abundant in an instant.

How else can you explain classic rags to riches stories? Homeless people winning lotteries and becoming millionaires. Orphans growing up to be great spiritual masters. Miraculous healing beyond all odds. They all tuned into the love and abundance of the universe and tuned out the illusions created by the mind. The Tao teaches us to become one with the universe in order to be whole and complete. To be one with the universe is to be one with love, compassion and abundance. Then you want for nothing and everything is freely available to you. The universe gives freely of its abundant, inexhaustible resources. When you give with the same spirit then all the abundance you can imagine will lay at your feet.

In order to be healed you must give up thoughts of being imperfect or broken beyond fixing. Of course you will need to make changes to your diet or lifestyle as guided. But your success largely depends on your beliefs about whether you can be healed or not. For years I felt healing was something that came from the outside. I could help others feel better but when it came to healing myself I had little success. A bad case of throat infection that refused to go away with antibiotics got me anxious. I was to travel to India in less than a week and I had no energy to pack. I wanted the healing and I wanted it bad! So I lay down and placed my hands on my throat. The old doubts about self-healing surfaced and tormented my mind but a wave of trust placated it. In a few days I was out of it and felt much better. I went on to have a fabulous vacation in India.

Louise Hay says in her book, “You Can Heal Your Life”, abundance is like the ocean. Some come to fill up tiny cups and others come with tankers.

So what will it be for you? A tiny cup or a tanker. Do you want to be out soaking up the grace or in a room with the doors and windows locked and shuttered? It’s all up to you, for the wealth of the universe lies at your feet!


16 thoughts on “You have the Universe and All its Treasures at Your Feet

  1. How true, how true. We make our own misery. If we took a bit of time to let in the grace and joys the universe offers in abundance, life would then be our greatest joy. 🙂

  2. I hope your readers check out zerotherapy – all about the body healing itself without drugs/medicines and focusing on positive energy providers.

  3. “In order to be healed you must give up thoughts of being imperfect or broken beyond fixing.” It’s sort of a “physician heal thyself” methodology. You have to give up these thoughts and be open to change. Work with guidance from others to find what works best for you.

    1. Thanks for your comment Cassi. I think guidance from within is the best guidance of all. Others cannot know what is best for me 🙂

  4. Sometimes when I start to have negative thoughts I like to remove my brain from my body and think of it as an outside force sneaking these thoughts that aren’t mine into myself. It is a way for me to stop the constant chattering and recognize that life can go on through this removal.

    1. That’s a cool idea Mary. Spiritual masters call it being the observer of the mind – it’s like treating the mind like something outside of the self.

  5. It is so interesting that I am reading this post now. I have always believed this, but practicing it is another matter entirely. It can be extremely difficult to get past all those limiting factors you were raised with even when you know they are all lies. Big sigh…

    1. True, geek girl, it’s not easy to practice it but with time and effort you can get there – believe me I’ve been there!

  6. The myth of scarcity is probably one of the most destructive we have as humans. It makes us so small and so sad if we believe it. How can we live in a universe as vast as ours and think “I only deserve a little…happiness, health.” or “I should hoard what I have because it will run out.”? I like the way Mary deals with her negative thoughts, she externalizes them and places them where they belong, outside our minds where they can’t do any damage.

  7. I thought I was getting past this type of mentality, but then my life totally changed as far as career and housing is concerned. Needless to say, it’s been an uphill battle getting back to a better place, but at least awareness is part of the process.

  8. As I am getting older I find that negative thoughts are toxic. Stress is a killer so I count to 10 and regroup. We are our own worst enemy if we allow misery to take over. We are the ones that can take control. I am so happy to be alive that I look at each day as an opportunity.

    rs in abundance, life would then be our greatest joy

    1. Thanks for your comment Arleen. It’s funny but I think we start worrying and getting stressed as adults. Somewhere along the way we forget to be easy going and positive like children. Then when we are middle-aged we realize our folly (like you said) and then try to be more like children – free spirited and happy!

  9. Thanks for the reminder that “Grace, abundance, love and joy are freely available”. During my every day life it is so easy to get overcome by the limiting thoughts of our mind, and to forget the power of gratitude.

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